Spring tricks for maximising light and space

As we approach the summer the way we want our houses to feel changes. The importance of feeling warm, cosy and sheltered from the elements gives way to a craving for light, space and a connection to the world outside. We don’t redecorate every six months however, so here are some tricks for maximising light and space that you can apply to your existing room to create that bright, breezy summer-living feeling.

Bounce the light around

Time to roll up the rugs and cast off the throws – nothing makes a room feel lighter than white floors and pale, plain furnishing fabrics. A plain off-white sofa cover will give your room a huge light boost, as will replacing heavy occasional furniture with models in glossy white or glass. And don’t clutter the room with heavy patterns – instead refresh your room by swapping out your old cushions and replacing with the light, delicate florals in faded colours that are in this season.

Expand your sightlines

A great trick to remember when selecting furniture is that the more of your floor you can see, the bigger your room will feel. Select sofas that sit off the floor on slim legs and opt for long, slim legs on side tables and cabinets so the furniture in your room feels as light and bulk-free as possible.

Lift the ceiling

Not literally, but clever choices on your walls can make the ceiling seem higher and the room more airy. A light and subtle vertical stripe on wallpaper can give the impression of ‘pushing’ the ceiling upwards, as can painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than your walls. Want to add more light? Then try a white eggshell instead of emulsion on the ceiling for a subtly reflective finish.

Liberate your windows

Heavy curtains can block so much light from a room. Instead think about replacing with shutters in a glossy white to reflect light. Opting for café-style shutters – where the top and bottom layers can be opened or adjusted independently – will allow you to have maximum control of how much light you let flood in. And by choosing slim panels you will emphasise the vertical height of your windows too.