Vinyl / PVC Shutters

Our Vinyl or PVC Plantation shutters are high quality and built to last. Our shutters are very attractive and versatile, suitable for both internal and external applications. Ideal also for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor applications.

All our shutters are made to measure in Australia, and there is a short waiting period for installation.

Our Vinyl or PVC Plantation are also reinforced by aluminium so that it is stronger and lasts longer than cheaper competitors.

The control bar is elegantly hidden inside the side panels of the shutter frame. All you need to do is tilt one of the blades and the rest of the blades in the group will match its movement.

Can be made as bi-folding, sliding or fixed.

All our products come with a seven year manufacturer’s warranty. All shutters are manufactured and installed with high skill and workmanship.

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