Basswood Shutters

They are energy efficient and reduce your air-conditioning and heating bills.
They can withstand the Australian elements. There is no corrosion from sea water in the air in coastal areas, and can last under the sun.
Vinyl shutters are also perfect for humid areas such as showers and sinks. Since they are moisture resistant, they are also a great choice near the swimming pool or ocean.
Low maintenance required. Very easy to clean with soap and water only – much simpler than wood shutters. No need for repainting.
Reinforced by aluminium at the core for strength. Elegant hidden control mechanism.
All of the above benefits PLUS our 7 year manufacturer’s warranty. So rest assured of quality and value.


So, you have decided on plantation shutters to decorate your windows. Your next decision is whether to choose shutters made from natural wood or man-made poly materials. Your friends are giving you conflicting information – some say wood, some say poly, and quite frankly, you don’t know which way to turn. Here is an easy point-by-point breakdown of the pros and cons of each, so that you can choose the plantation shutter material that’s right for you and your home.

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How much do roller shutters cost?

Roller shutters give your home extra measures of protection. They give you security from intruders when you’re not at home; provide protection from storms; and can block out the harsh rays of the sun. Modern roller shutters come in designer colours and are easy to operate. If you don’t have roller shutters or plantation shutters, what’s holding you back?

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Cheat’s guide to shutters – all the styles explained

Choice is great… but when it comes to making the right decision for your latest home project, it can also be overwhelming. We’ve put together this cheat’s guide to shutters, explaining the different styles available and where they work best, so you can make the right decision and find the perfect shutters for your next project with ease.

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Spring tricks for maximising light and space

As we approach the summer the way we want our houses to feel changes. The importance of feeling warm, cosy and sheltered from the elements gives way to a craving for light, space and a connection to the world outside. We don’t redecorate every six months however, so here are some tricks for maximising light and space that you can apply to your existing room to create that bright, breezy summer-living feeling.

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